Welcome to the North Carolina Chamber Music Institute

It's audition and enrollment time again for NCCMI's 2018-2019 best season ever!!

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NCCMI...The Experience of Chamber Music.

NCCMI By the Numbers:

·     64 Students in 2017-18 NCCMI program

·     20 or more performances in the Community

·     5 master classes/workshops

·     16 small ensembles (11 string ensembles, 4 piano/strings and 1 woodwind quintet)

·     22 teachers (including North Carolina Symphony members, college professors and other outstanding community teachers)

Among our 2017-18 Outstanding Ensembles:

·    WCPE String Quartet, named in recognition of WCPE: The Classical Station: Students audition for scholarships to play in this group.

·    Arioso Quartet- New prestige ensemble for 2017-2018! Thanks to a grant from Arioso Strings, Inc, we have established the Arioso Quartet ensemble comprised of advanced chamber music students.

·    NCCMI Woodwind Quintet


NEW FOR 2017-18! Partnering with CMR translates into master classes with internationally-recognized ensembles, Juilliard String Quartet, American Chamber Players and others. These classes, along with others are available exclusively to NCCMI students.

What is the North Carolina Chamber Music Institute?

The North Carolina Chamber Music Institute (NCCMI) is an exciting program to give Triangle area music students the opportunity to enrich their playing and learning experiences through small group ensembles with professional music coaches and through public performance.

This program allows students to learn musical leadership and communication skills in a small group, and opens up repertoire only available to small chamber groups like string, wind and piano quartets.

Participants in the program learn to play as a team in professionally coached small group ensembles. This helps children to achieve a well-rounded musical education beyond solo and orchestral playing.

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How do I participate?

NCCMI is open to music students from early advanced players through advanced players, typically ranging in age from 8 to 18. Students accepted into the program will be placed in chamber groups with other students at their playing level.

Auditions are held each  June, July  and August and are required for acceptance. You can submit an application through our online form via our web site at www.nccmi.org.

We operate on an September to April program, which will include 16 coaching sessions, 16 student-led rehearsals, recitals, outreach, performance review, master classes and workshops.

NCCMI is an equal opportunity not-for-profit corporation and encourages applications from all demographic groups. Some financial aid is available.

Auditions are by appointment only and are in June (Early Bird) and again in July and August (for regular applicants).

Please consider making a tax deductable contribution to support NCCMI!

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