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2020-2021 Ensembles

WCPE String Quartet Toccata String Quartet
Elizabeth Beilman and Rebekah Binford, coaches Magaret Garris and Tim Holley, coaches
Arioso Quartet Allegro String Quartet
Bonnie Thron and Alice Ju, coaches  Dana Friedli and Bonnie Thron, coaches
Trio Serio Sostenuto String Quartet
Elizabeth Beilman and Dr. Kent Lyman, coaches Nate Leyland and Anton Shelepov, coaches
A Piacere Quartet Vivace String Quartet
Nate Leyland and Carol Chung, coaches Danece Lyman and Lauren Dunseath, coaches
Harmonia Piano Quartet Quartetto Lontano
Elizabeth Beilman and Olga Kleiankina, coaches Danece Lyman and Jacobous Hermsen, coaches
Releve Piano Trio Jete String Quartet
Pamela Kelly and Dr. Soloman Eichner, coaches Matt Chicurel and Nathaniel Yaffe, coaches
Bravura Piano Quartet Quatuor Fantastique
Elizabeth Beilman and Margaret Evans, coaches Rosalind Leavell and Eunyoung Jung, coaches
Subito String Trio KATT String Quartet
Greg Logan and Rosalind Leavell, coaches Kirsten Jerme and Anton Shelepov, coaches
Ensemble Pique Toccata String Quartet
Tasi Matthews and Lauren Dunseath, coaches Margaret Garris and Tim Holley, coaches

The WCPE String Quartet was established in 2015 by a generous Education Fund grant awarded to NCCMI. Musicians receive full tuition scholarships and benefits including a recording session, radio interviews and opportunities for paid professional performances. They have performed throughout the Triangle Community in the 2016-17 season, including formal and outreach concerts, Aizuri String Quartet and Brian Reagin Master Classes and Ovations before the Symphony.

The Arioso Quartet was established in 2017, as recognition of the multi-year contribution from Arioso Strings Inc  and Arioso Violin Studio which has generously funded a significant part of the need-based full and partial scholarships of NCCMI.

Tax-deductible contributions to support scholarships for NCCMI students are greatly appreciated.
These may be made through this website or by sending a check to:

3131 Ashel St.
Raleigh, NC 27612