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NCCMI Guidelines

Students are expected to attend required events, including Orientation, one Performance Review, coachings and rehearsals, one master class, one outreach concert, and one final concert. NCCMI operates from October through April.

Ensembles are expected to meet weekly either for a rehearsal or coaching. Ensembles must rehearse twice each month without a coach. Rehearsals normally last from one to two-and-a half hours each. Families request a specific day for their NCCMI group on the registration form. This will become an obligatory day for matched ensemble. All coachings AND rehearsals will take place on that requested day unless all families and the coaches are able to make a change. Note important information about “Notification of Absences” below.

In addition to rehearsals, ensembles meet approximately twice a month for a total of 16 sessions from October through April for individualized coaching sessions with a team of outstanding professional musicians. Families will request a specific day for their NCCMI group on the registration form. NCCMI will put the compatible groups together with coaches’ availability. This will become an obligatory day for the matched ensemble. All coachings AND rehearsals will take place on that requested day unless all families and the coaches are able to make a change. Note important information about “Notification of Absences” below.

Students are required to attend or perform in one master class/workshop and are encouraged to audit as many classes as they wish. Performance attire is expected. Chamber Music Raleigh Education Program offers master classes which are open to our students. The schedule of master classes/workshops will be available in early September. Students are invited to all scheduled workshops/studio classes and are required to attend at least one session and stay for the entire workshop/class. The studio classes offer opportunities to perform for colleagues in a studio setting.

Each group is required to perform at one of the January Performance Reviews. This is an opportunity to get feedback from all the NCCMI faculty and improve performance for best results at the Spring Final Concert. It is also a great way to hear the other ensembles in the program, as well as get to know the other groups at a post-review reception.

The NCCMI season culminates in April with performances by all groups at Edenton Street United Methodist Church- Brown Chapel or Church of the Nativity in North Raleigh. Students are required to perform at one of the two concerts, but are encouraged to attend them both. Each group must perform in one additional concert. Performance opportunities provided by NCCMI include concerts at retirement communities, Community Music School, Edenton Street United Methodist Church, Church of the Nativity and private functions.

One selected chamber ensemble will be showcased for the upcoming year. Students who audition will be considered for inclusion in the Scholarship Ensemble which will receive substantial merit scholarships to represent NCCMI at the highest level of commitment. This group will be given the opportunity to make a professional recording for possible broadcast or preliminary competition requirements. They will also be expected to rehearse twice per coaching session and perform additional events as arranged by NCCMI, in accordance with the group availability.

Formal attire is worn at concerts. Ensembles should wear appropriate coordinated dress. Formal black is an option, but not required. Women should wear formal slacks or at least calf-length skirt. Men should wear a dress shirt and tie. Dress for workshops and master classes should be business attire; no jeans or sneakers.

Chamber ensembles may be asked to perform a concert through the NCCMI Outreach program to fulfill the requirement of a second performance. This outreach is very important to populations that may not be able to attend concerts. Outreach Program Assistants will work with students on finding opportunities that will work with their schedules.

If a player is unable to attend a scheduled rehearsal or coaching session, they must notify the other ensemble members and Parent Coordinator at least three days in advance in order to reschedule the session. Cancellation less than 24 hours in advance or absence of an individual player from more than two scheduled rehearsals may result in dismissal from the program without a refund.

Each player must arrive on time and remain for the full duration of the rehearsal. Musicians are expected to bring their parts, music stands, pencils, and personal calendars for future scheduling.

Players are expected to demonstrate respect towards teachers, other students and the music, which they are playing. Individual preparation for all sessions is required.

On occasion, one chamber ensemble will selected to perform the world première of a work by a contemporary composer. Opportunities in the future will be announced to the students or information will be provided on the web site.

The NCCMI will provide extra coachings and performances to an ensemble invited to compete in the Fischoff Competition (or a comparable approved competition). The group must be accepted into the semi-finals prior to awarding of this sponsorship.

Each year, the Director will recognize individuals at the season's final concert for their dedication and musical achievement. These include the Gold Award for three years of participation in the NCCMI program, Community Engagement Award for three or more Outreach Performances and Professional Engagement Award for two or more professional performances attended.