Music has the power to bring people together. It transcends barriers. It speaks to us in a universal language. 

At North Carolina Chamber Music Institute, we believe that music is for everyone. 

We welcome all students and members of the community to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of chamber music. We work to provide equal access to our curriculum, programs, and services and work with our partners to improve accessibility at all facilities and performing locations.

Whether you are a prospective student or audience member, we are committed to offering an inclusive experience for you. Please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you! 

Concert and Class Locations

Most of our concerts are free, open to the public and take place in buildings with accessible entrances. Wheelchair accessible seating is available in most halls where our groups perform.

Highland United Methodist Church

HUMC is the location for 4-8 concerts/events each year, as well as the location for a large number of the NCCMI weekly coaching sessions.
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Hayes Barton United Methodist Church

HB-UMC is the location for 3-5 concerts/events each year, as well as the location for a large number of the NCCMI weekly coaching sessions.
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Church of the Nativity

Most other concerts take place at Church of the Nativity in North Raleigh that also has ramps and a single level accessibility plan including curb cuts. GPS Coordinates in Google Maps, Apple Maps and Mapquest are often incorrect for our church. The best way to find us by GPS is to enter 8849 Ray Road, Raleigh, NC 27613. We’re in North Raleigh, close to I-540 and near the corner of Ray Road and Strickland Road. The church that is visible from Ray Road is the First Korean Baptist Church. They share our driveway, but to reach Nativity you must continue straight down the driveway.
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Other Concert Locations

Many of the NCCMI concerts take place at retirement communities. These facilities are well planned for wheelchair accessibility.


Visual Accommodations

If a student has visual challenges, NCCMI can create large print sheet music parts. To assist those attending concerts that have difficulty in reading the written program, the NCCMI students use a microphone to make introductions and to announce their selections. They also often give verbal comments about the pieces. NCCMI will provide large print programs upon request.


Meeting Challenges to Access

To accommodate students who cannot get a ride to the audition location due to financial or logistical challenges, NCCMI directors conduct auditions at selected schools in the spring. For students facing the same challenges in their weekly sessions, the other families in that group are encouraged to meet near that student’s home. In some cases, they go to that student’s home for sessions. Some of the NCCMI events take place where students who might not have the opportunities for advanced musical study will have the chance to participate and enjoy the musical challenges of chamber music. These include mini-residencies with public schools and side-by-side concerts with Community Music School. Contact the Elizabeth Beilman at (919) 781-3863 for more information or to request accommodations.