Leadership Ensembles & Scholarships

Leadership Ensembles

Each year NCCMI features two to four leadership ensembles open by audition to extraordinary musicians. Members of these ensembles receive full or partial scholarships to the program.

The WCPE String Quartet was established in 2015 by a generous Education Fund grant awarded to NCCMI. Musicians receive scholarships and benefits including a recording session, radio interviews and opportunities for paid professional performances.

The Arioso Quartet was established in 2017 in recognition of the multi-year contribution from Arioso Strings and Arioso Violin Studio which has generously funded a significant part of the need-based full and partial scholarships of NCCMI.

Information for Students

  • Leadership ensembles are open to those with at least one year in NCCMI or comparable chamber music experience.
  • Students must be in grade 10–12 for the upcoming school year to be considered for a leadership ensemble. Partial awards may be given to advanced students in grades 8–9.
  • Ensembles include the WCPE String Quartet and Emerald Trio.
  • Ensembles are put together based upon student level, schedule and approximate age.
  • Audition requirements: 3–4 octave scale and arpeggio (4 slurred); solo under 4 minutes; advanced excerpts.
  • How to apply: check Leadership Ensembles box on registration form, and send request for excerpts to nccmi.office@gmail.com.

Individual Special Awards

  • Open to advanced musicians with at least one year in NCCMI (or comparable chamber music experience).
  • Limited number of Individual Special Awards and special “named” scholarships.
  • Audition requirements: 3–4 octave scale; solo under 4 minutes; sight reading.
  • How to apply: Send request for consideration to nccmi.beilman@gmail.com.
  • Submit video in separate segments by Google Drive, Dropbox, private YouTube video, Vimeo, or other standard platform.
  • Special scholarships include:
    • Violin to Viola Award – for advanced violinists switching to viola – instrument provided by NCCMI;
    • Lilian Cole and William T. Evans Award – open to one exceptionally advanced high school musician;
    • Director Awards – partial scholarship at director’s discretion.