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Basic Information

For the questions below, choose ALL dates for which your group is available.

Each ensemble must perform in ONE Performance Review together.
Each ensemble must perform in ONE Spring Concert together. Please be aware the Awards Ceremony and Picnic will take place after Concert 1 on 5/21, 3:30-5:30pm.
Requirement: one Master Class or Workshop. Master Classes must be performed as a group.
Groups can sign up here to attend Workshops together to satisfy the Master Class / Workshop requirement. Also open to any number of individual signups closer to the event.
Requirement: each student must attend one Special Event. Group can attend all together to satisfy the requirement, or students can attend separately. Individuals/groups interested in attending a CMR concert should email with their preferred concert date.
Requirement: one Team Genius Showcase.

Community Engagement Concerts

Requirement: one Community Engagement Concert per group. Those musicians who perform three or more events receive a special award at the end of the year.
If your group meets at one of these churches, please sign up. You will be connected with the choir director to schedule your preferred Sunday date.