North Carolina Chamber Music Institute comprises one educational program with nearly 30 coaches and more than 90 students — all using their talents to give back to the community in over 30 events per year! 

“As a parent as well as donor, I support NCCMI year-round, but GiveNCCMI is an event like no other,” said Gloria Duarte. Over the past 3 years, I have seen the invaluable contribution that NCCMI has had, not just on my daughter’s musical education, but her life, especially when it came to navigating COVID-19. The way NCCMI overcame the challenges of studying chamber music through a global pandemic was superb, and I am so thankful the organization was there for my daughter and all the kids. The money invested in this organization has had a far greater impact than ever expected. My daughter joined this organization looking to increase her chamber skills, but never expected to end up playing in Carnegie Hall this year. None of this would have been possible without the guidance of NCCMI.”

Tristen Johnson is a cellist with the Trè Voce Piano Trio. He said, “Being granted NCCMI’s Leadership Scholarship has allowed me to feed my hunger for chamber music without having to worry about the financial aspect of the program. By eliminating this factor, I’ve been able to grow exponentially, not just as a musician, but as a person, all while doing what I love.” He added, “I am so thankful to NCCMI for investing in my musical education, career, and life.” 

Every donor, every gift, every year enhances each aspect of our chamber music experience. An NCCMI education offers a distinctive blend of mentoring that guides, performing that inspires, and an experience that defines. It takes more than tuition to make this possible. Every student, even those not receiving direct aid, benefits from donor support.

A $10 gift, combined with 10 others, can provide a coaching session for an entire ensemble preparing for a competition; 10 gifts of $30 can provide our students the opportunity to play in a masterclass with world-renowned performers; 10 gifts of $70 can provide a student with a full-tuition scholarship for an entire year! 

There is no limit to the impact you and others can make with your gift, no matter the size. And that impact reverberates around our entire community.

In 2020, NCCMI allocated much of its donations to grant full or partial scholarships to assist students. Of those students, 4 joined the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America for their 21st season, and 3 had their debut at Carnegie Hall this past October. 

NCCMI’s supporters have outdone themselves every year since its launch in 2014. 2020 was a record-breaking year, generating over $2,000 for our young artists, a 150% increase from 2019.

Join us on November 30th and help make this Giving Tuesday another record year. Beyond making a gift, one of the best ways to join in the fun is to spread the word! Share NCCMI’s content online via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Tell your family and friends how you are helping the music community make an even bigger impact in the Triangle area, North Carolina, and the world. Follow the day’s progress online and keep the momentum going with the hashtag #GiveNCCMI.

Follow this link to find resources and discover more ways to help spread the word and make this GiveNCCMI a day like no other!