By Elizabeth Beilman

January 23rd, 2022

Topsy Turvey. That is the only way you can describe these last 2 months. As our country has reeled from the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, NCCMI has also felt the effects. But we’ve continued to keep our musicians engaged in their music through it all. On January 8/9, our Performance Review Concerts took place in person at Church of the Nativity, although some groups had to submit their performances by video. We held our Chamber Music Treasures by Black Composers Concert on January 17. Curated by Dr. Timothy Holley, it was a celebration of human expression, artfully performed by faculty and student musicians, including the WCPE String Quartet. With a small but enthusiastic audience for the in-person event, it will also be livestreamed this Wednesday at 5pm. 

The Big Picture. Looking back for a moment to November/December, NCCMI groups performed at nearly a dozen events. These range from Raleigh Parks locations, Holly Days Tree Trail, Retirement Communities, Raleigh Boy Choir concert and several churches from Raleigh to Tarboro, NC. 

Flexibility is the name of the game. We’ve learned to be that and more. A heartfelt bravo to all our students, faculty, staff and audiences! And a warm round of applause for all our supporters and major funders, especially the Raleigh Arts Commission and the United Arts Council of Wake County! With music and friendship binding us together, we feel hopeful and excited for the future.